DataReach Software

 Build custom tables from BRIS or other data files, using the full range of the MS SQL language.
 Code queries to research exotic wagering models on Exactas, Trifectas, Superfectas, and Pick Threes
 Design queries to be used during live play, export batch wager files for uploading to your ADW.
Create custom factors and paceline selection models, under any logical criteria.
 Utilize Stored Procedures to update your custom tables and factors whenever new data is imported.
Contains Pre-built logic to process and import BRIS .MCP/.DRF/.XRD files.
Creates an entire linear race history for every horse, extending beyond the "10 races back" limitation.

DataReach Software is a SQL utility that provides data management solutions. The software will organize and merge fragmented data files for the purpose of importing them into a unified SQL Server database. Once imported, DataReach also functions as a simple studio where you can create, save, and execute queries against your newly created database.


What is DataReach used for?

A comman usage of DataReach software is to process files produced by BRIS (Bloodstock Reserch Information Services). Because of this, the program contains a pre-built routine which will handle their most common data and result files (such as .MCP, .DRF, and .XRD). However, the software is dynamic to where any file type can be processed. If you are interested in the functionality of SQL for thoroughbred handicapping, also see the SQL Handicapping page.


Who is DataReach Intended for?

Out of the box, DataReach comes with the SQL scripts and pre-built routines to get one up in running in pretty much a point and click manner.  But beyond that, the program is entirely an SQL coding experience; so, there are two primary types of people this program is suited for: 1) those that have experience writing basic queries in SQL, or want to learn and understand what they are getting into; and 2) those that want to learn just the fundamentals to get the program to work, but then purchase pre-built SQL packages designed according to their specifications.  Of course, there is also the middle group that will learn basic SQL fundamentals, but may need consultation on setting up a more complex model (for example, coding a superfecta system can be quite complex).

SQL can be easy to learn for simple queries, once you go through the basic learning curve, but I also provide SQL coding services to meet complex custom projects for individuals that do not wish to invest the time researching or learning how to code for themselves.  These projects can range from coding a handicapping factor, or paceline selection, to a full blown pick three system for research and live play batch wagering.  See the SQL Coding Request page for more information.  


Why SQL? 

SQL is one of the more intuitive coding languages, especially for the novice, and especially given all the prep-work that has already been done in table design, index creation, and import scripts.  Simply put, there are no shortcuts to the freedom that SQL provides, but SQL is one of the better paths to take.